Times to Review

Biometrics is committed to swift, high-quality reviews of all submissions. This page summarizes statistics related times to review for the journal.

Some papers are rejected by the co-editor without formal review; these are rejected largely because they are inappropriate for the journal or because the co-editor views the paper as unpublishable. Some papers are forwarded to an associate editor and are rejected without referees. With over 90 associate editors representing expertise over the entire spectrum of statistical methodology and applications, co-editors are able to send submissions to associate editors with direct, focused expertise in most cases. Usually, papers rejected by associate editors without further review are rejected because the associate editor finds that the work is unlikely to be publishable, even after revision.

The percentage of papers that are rejected by a co-editor without further review is about 27%.

The following times to review statistics are calculated using the Kaplan-Meier method based on data for the period March 2019 through February 2020:

Percentiles of Review Time in Months
n min25% 50%75% 95% max
First Submission All670 0.00.6 1.92.9 4.35.8
Reviewed Externally 5650.0 1.22.3 3.14.5 5.8
First Revision All 189 0.01.7 2.12.6 3.76.1
Reviewed Externally 1570.0 1.72.1 2.74.1 6.1


Survival curves for time to first review (including co-editor rejections) and time to review of revisions have been estimated using Kaplan-Meier (pdf).