Guidelines for Authorship of Biometrics Papers


Individuals listed as authors on a Biometrics paper should have made a substantial contribution to the intellectual content of the paper. The contribution can fall within one or more of several possible domains, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Formulation of the statistical model.

2. Technical development of the statistical procedure.

3. Derivation of the theoretical properties of the statistical method.

4. Design, execution, and interpretation of simulation studies to evaluate the statistical methods.

5. Substantial guidance in illustrating the application of the method to a real data set, including interpretation of the results of the analysis.

Please consider these guidelines carefully when determining the individuals to list as authors at the time of first submission.

All communications regarding Biometrics submissions should be sent to by the original corresponding author who submitted the manuscript.

For revisions, we strongly discourage changes to the original author list unless there is a compelling scientific reason. If an author is deleted from the list, we require an acceptable explanation, communicated by the corresponding author, along with separate email confirmations from all authors, including from the author who was removed, sent directly from them to the editorial office, indicating that the deleted author is in agreement with the change and that all authors concur. If an author is added, we require an explanation of the nature of that author's contribution leading to the addition, along with separate email confirmations from all authors, including from the author who was added, sent directly from them to the editorial office.

Changes in the corresponding author should be requested through a communication from the original corresponding author, with the corresponding author providing confirmations from all other authors.

For all submissions and revisions, we ask that the corresponding author affirm that all co-authors have reviewed and approved the submission or revision.